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Friday, September 23, 2005

contact rejection

Why the hell, no matter what I try, do my eyes constantly reject my contacts? I only wear them a couple of times a week, but lately, they just won't stay in. I'll blink my eyes, and poof, they're gone. It's one eye in particular, too. And I know they're in right.

So today, the problem eye is really bothering me. It had already gotten stuck in the corner of my eye (when I blinked, nonetheless), so I had to fish it out and put it in again. But it's scratching like hell, so I go to take it out and see if I can put it in AGAIN, but when I take it out, it's broken! So, I go to take the other one out and put on my glasses in defeat, and it's broken too! What is going on?

I use plenty of eyedrops and solution, so I know that's not the problem. Any ideas out there? Help a girl out.

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