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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Have Three Names

I hate it when people call me Jennifer. I haven't gone by Jennifer since grade school. Most of my friends call me Jen, but at my last job, I went by Jenny. There were three Jennifers in the department. One went by Jen, one by Jennie, and then there was me, Jenny. I wasn't going to do Jennifer, so Jenny it had to be. I just got used to it.

So, when I started my new job, Jennifer went on all the paperwork. Did they really expect me to put Jenny on there? There was all sorts of legal paperwork to fill out (I work for a finance company), so I figured I had to go with what was on my legal documents. So, as a result, my name tag reads 'Jennifer', and so does my email address. Most people got the hint, as I sign all of my correspondence with 'Jenny'. Even with all of this effort, though, there are still some who call me Jennifer.

I've worked here for 9 months. If you haven't picked up on my preferred name by now, then you suck. I'm not being nice to you. I've noticed that it's the people I don't especially get along with that call me Jennifer. I can't decide whether I don't like them because of this, or maybe it's just that they all seem to be very self-centered (I have a problem with self-centered people).

Maybe I just don't like people who, for nine months and countless emails, can't figure out that I like to be called Jenny. It annoys the hell out of me. So, one word of advice from Norma Jean - please, take a minute to figure out what people like to be called. It's not hard. Look at their emails, or listen to what others call them. Or god forbid, ask them.

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