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Monday, September 19, 2005

Mondays are Crap

Why do Mondays always suck? It's not just that the weekend is over. Bad stuff always happens on Mondays. Maybe because I'm in a bad mood anyway, I just invite the bad stuff. But not always.

For instance, today my jump drive freaked and won't let me open one of my documents. A 110 page document. I've tried a couple of times - no luck. I'm pretty computer savvy, so this one is definitely not my fault. I backed up the document, like a good girl, but at page 77, not 110. Technology. Guess I'll try to make it work on my home computer.

Then, I got on the Cardinals website right before 9 (when postseason tickets went up for sale), and got into the 'virtual waiting room' exactly at 9, and waited there for almost 2 hours. By the time I finally gave up, the only seats left were random single seats. Not even any standing room only. What kind of crap is that? I did everything right. My guess is that somehow, though they say they've done a lot to prevent it, people are getting into the system and screwing the rest of us. That sucks. All of those seats at all of those games, and I couldn't even get 2 next to each other. And the 'virtual waiting room' refreshes every 30 seconds to update where you are in 'line'. So this thing refreshed 120 times. It's so annoying to watch it do this! I didn't even have the page up, but the little button on my toolbar flashes every time it refreshes. It's like every thirty seconds it taunts you. You think surely this time I'll get in, but you never do. And the worst part is that it never lets you know how close you are.

And to top it off, the AC sucks at work, so it's hot as hell in here. They make us wear jackets with pants, so that makes it even worse. What is so hard about having a consistent temperature? If it's hot outside, make it cool inside. If it's cold outside, make it warm. This was a problem at my last 2 jobs as well. And no matter what, if I am in a skirt and short sleeves, the AC is on full blast. If I wear pants and a jacket, the AC isn't working right.

Blah. Enough complaining for today.

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