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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sticking It to the Man

Today, while returning to my office after lunch (yes, I'm a corporate drone), I passed by a speed trap (luckily not speeding). I made an effort, after leaving view of the cop, to flash everyone that passed to alert them. I realized, while doing this, that I couldn't even remember the last time someone did this for me. What happened to sticking it to the man?

I thought about how no one looks out for one another anymore, how no one gives a shit about anyone else. It has really made this world more miserable. I try to rise above this, and help out when I see that someone needs it, but even I find myself being dragged down by the masses. Maybe if there was accessible / reliable public transportation in this damn city, I wouldn't have to deal with the crappy drivers during my commute (my 25 minute commute from south county to mid county, mind you), but alas, though they are building a metrolink station close to my house, it won't deliver me close to work. And my work is close to a highway, 170. Why doesn't the metrolink follow the highways? It's so close at one point, then veers way off. It's maddening. Plus, they're way behind on getting it finished. How hard is it? It's not like the entire thing is new. They've already built a lot of it. How could they be that far off schedule?

When will St. Louis get a clue?

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