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Friday, September 23, 2005

TGIF Hangover Ramblings

For the most part, I like my job. Great benefits, lots of freedom and flexibility, and good people, mostly. I can pretty much do whatever I want, as long as I get my work done (a monkey could probably do it easily). They throw great parties, always with open bars, don't skimp on much at all, and are very generous around the holidays and our birthdays.

But some days it really grates on my nerves. I sit by two advisors who constantly talk to each other across the hallway. They go on and on about stocks. There are a few that they watch seemingly nonstop, and they discuss the price, why it might have gone up or down, and what is happening with the companies. Most of the time I tune it out, but some days, it just drives me insane. How much can you talk about stocks without your head exploding? It's horrible. I never want to know that much about stocks, ever. Really, isn't the price enough? And just when you think they're done, one of them thinks of something else and has to share. Loudly.

Maybe it's just the hangover from going to see Reggie and the Full Effect and Alkaline Trio last night at the Pageant. We had to down beer in the roped off alcohol area downstairs because I couldn't stand to be in there for long. It was the only place in the whole freaking club to sell alcohol, and you couldn't take it out of that area. It sucked. It was ridiculous.

The show was great though, and my guy went to college with Reggie's singer, so we got to talk to him for a minute or two. He's a big rock star now, and had to sign all sorts of crap at the Euclid Record table after he played (where we were able to catch him). Q got to talk to him for a few minutes between his having to sign CDs, tickets, shoes, t-shirts, body parts, and whatever else was thrown at him.

After the show, Q thought it was funny that James is a big enough rock star to sign body parts. He's also going to be shooting some sort of show for the Fuse channel (I don't know what this is as we don't have cable). I said we should have had him sign something, because even if we can't talk to him much, maybe we can make some money off his fame later. Oh well.

I decided last night that I think people watching at shows is almost more interesting than watching the band. There was a girl dressed up as a pirate, which was funny, but really had nothing to do at all with the show. And what is happening with boys' hairdos nowadays? Apparently the shaggy look is coming back in (along with the rest of the 80s, I guess). There weren't nearly as many mohawks as I would prefer to see, either. Mohawks are a constant source of entertainment, and very thought provoking. How much crap does it take to make your hair do that?

And buying band t-shirts is great and all (I definitely have my fair share of them), but who needs My Chemical Romance socks? Or Reggie underwear? I'm glad the bands are making money with that crap, but please. There is a line. It has now been crossed.

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