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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I had to go to a new dentist yesterday. Well, I guess he's only about half new, since my old dentist retired and passed on all of his clients to this guy. The new guy is also the dentist for the Blues and the Rams. Hell, that alone would make him rich.

I had to go because I chipped a tooth, one in the very back. So, he had to drill out my old metal filling (which wasn't pretty, believe me) and give me a whole new white one. This was after he somehow took a picture of the affected area and put it on the TV in the room. I was kind of hoping they would turn on the TV so I could catch Oprah, but apparently that's not what it was for. It wasn't bad, as far as fillings go (and I've had my fair share - I can barely get through the metal detector at the airport). The entire time he and two of his nurses (it was late in the day - I'm guessing they were bored) discussed celebrities and the new TV shows.

They talked about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and about Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney. At one point, my dentist said that even he thought Tim McGraw was sexy. If it wasn't for the drill, I would have cracked up. How many people hear their dentist say such things? It was surreal, but I felt right at home. So, if anyone needs a good dentist...

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