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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

crazy old lady

I know this is old news and all, but I just can't get over the pure stupidity. Are rich people really that clueless? I guess so.

It's a horrible catch 22. People who aren't rich can't run big campaigns, and most Americans won't look past the candidates they see on TV every day. So, if a really great candidate came along, someone who understood the plight of the lower or middle class American, there's no way he would win. The people who might vote for him probably would never know his name.

I say 'his' because I firmly believe that there is no way Joe Bob Construction Worker would ever vote for a woman, no matter what she has to say. I have heard with my own ears such sentiments as 'Women are just too emotional to be president' and 'Women aren't smart enough to be president'. Mind you, they were coming from a dumb-as-dirt redneck who had about as much brains in his head as are in my pinkie. But unfortunately, these people are everywhere, and they vote.

So, in summary, because most Americans are too lazy to look past what runs across their TV every night, we will forever be stuck with elite rich presidents who will never be able to relate to the problems that 90% of us (at least) face each and every day.

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