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Friday, October 28, 2005

girly man

So, apparently there's a male golfer who wants to play in the British Women's Open. He's upset that women are allowed to qualify for men's tournaments, and is making a stand. He claims that if women can play in men's tournaments, then why have separate tournaments at all? What a moron.

He missed the point completely. It's a fine thought, in theory. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way. It's simple. Women have a valid argument to play in the men's tournament. They want the chance for more money, as the prizes are usually much bigger. Why would a man want to play in the women's tournament, with less money at stake?

I guess, though, he can't play well enough to play with the men, so why not try to get some money, at least, even if it's less. Methinks this won't really be a problem because not many men will want to admit they're not good enough to play against other men. This guy can try to cover it up by fighting for 'equality', but we're not fooled.

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