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Monday, October 17, 2005

having babies in prison

This is just too much. Why can't an inmate get an abortion? It's ridiculous.

We'd rather spend money to let her have it? There are going to be major costs for the birth. Then, once the child is born, what will happen? Even if there is someone to care for the child, her mother is in prison for however long, and her father is probably long gone. So most likely the child will be handed over to state custody, costing us tax dollars.

Instead of shelling out a little bit of money to provide transportation to a clinic (not even the cost of the abortion - the inmate will pay for that!), we're going to force her to have it. That child is surely destined for greatness. Its mother, in prison, doesn't even want it. Wow, that's definitely a great decision by the Supreme Court. Makes perfect sense.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks Mr. Thomas ought to step up the plate and begin adoption proceedings.