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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I may be a geeky cult nerd

This weekend Q and I went to see Serenity. We usually don't go to the theater at night (too expensive) unless it's the 'dollar' theater, but we decided to spring for it because we liked the TV show. For those of you who don't know, the movie is the culmination of the Fox show, Firefly, that was cancelled before the season ended. Same actors, same everything, just a different name. Great movie - I highly recommend it, even if you aren't familiar with the show.

The best part of the night, other than the movie, was that we got in for student prices without even asking. I haven't been a student for six years. It totally made my night. I know I look young, so that part didn't matter, but saving four dollars was sweet!

The worst part of the night was the realization that this movie/TV show has a big cult following. Not a cool cult following, like perhaps David Lynch films, but a very nerdy one, aka Star Trek. We sat in front of three people who talked before and after the film (Q likes to see the credits) about nothing that I understood whatsoever. It very well could have been quantum physics. And the one guy had a lisp unlike any I had ever heard before. It was surreal, like existing inside of a stereotype. But mostly it was frightening - could I be one of those geeks????

Surely not. I just like the TV show because of the humor and the story line. It's unique. I certainly didn't debate with Q about whether part of the movie was realistic because, if the planet is shaped like a sphere, why didn't they just approach it from another angle? I don't think I could ever truly be one of those geeks because I just don't give a shit about that stuff. If the acting is bad, well then I'll complain, and if a scene is so unrealistic that I notice it without thinking much at all, I'll complain again, but please - to dig that deeply? To analyze every little thing? Too much work. I'm way too lazy for that.

On a side note, Cards won today. Woohoo!


Justin said...

i saw Serenity too, loved it! I was really surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did, normally don't go for those types of movies. Could have used some more River action scenes if you ask me...

Norma Jean said...

Agreed. River definitely is good at kicking ass.