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Thursday, October 27, 2005

insane rant (beware)

So, after the world series last night, the MVP was given a car. What? A guy who makes millions of dollars gets a new car? Please. He probably has several. He probably doesn't give one shit about that car.

Q wondered why they did that last night. Car companies do this all the time at sporting events. I remember being grossed out for the same reason at the superbowl. They do it for publicity, of course. I'm not saying it's right, but how do you get around it? Q thought they should donate a car to a worthy family. Yes, that's a great idea, but unfortunately, this country doesn't give a shit about that, and it's all about publicity. Especially for the hurting American car companies. I guess there are people out there who see a car company giving a new car to a sports hero, and they are impressed by this. Scary, but probably true.

I mean really, the amount of money these guys make is sickening. And I'm a huge baseball fan. I'd like it a whole hell of a lot more though, if they made less money. They could charge less to go to the damn game, less for concessions - it's all gotten very out of control. Isn't baseball supposed to be 'America's sport'? Not when average Americans can't even afford to go.

I remember hearing a radio show talking about how much the 'lesser' players make. I think the minimum is like $250,000, or something like that. How much it sucks to make that when there are others on your team making millions. Someone was whining about it. Please! Yes, making $250,000 definitely sucks. I can't imagine a life like that. How could you even live?

Anyway, it's disgusting. All the corporate nonsense. Stadiums like Minute Maid Park (previously Enron Stadium - ha), US Cellular Field, Comerica Park - it's freakish. How does anyone get excited about going to Minute Maid Park? Yes, St. Louis is a corporate whore too, but at least there's some history behind Busch.

I guess like everything else in this country, sports have become all about money. And we still feed into it, myself included. When did we become so complacent? People used to boycott. And it worked. I haven't tried lately, but I'm pretty sure we could never do that again. Is it laziness? I don't know. I'm all for a boycott, but I know it would go nowhere. Maybe I'm lazy for not trying. I just wonder why everyone is so willing to take it all the time.

We could boycott sports, cable, gas companies, hell, anyone! But again, I think it all comes down to money. People need money, which requires work, which most of the time requires gas for your car (since publice transportation is basically nonexistant here). It's an evil cycle. We have to have the best clothes, the best car, the best house. Boycotting seems silly when you've got to pay for your big new hummer! Everyone seems financially stable as credit card debt rises through the roof. One day, probably soon, there is going to be a whole generation drowning under credit card debt, then what will happen? Maybe it will take a collapse in the system to put things in check. Otherwise it's going to just spiral out of control. The country is probably going to self destruct anyway, or get nuked.

So apparently I've got some pent up anger. But now I'm better.

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