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Monday, November 14, 2005

boycott Harrah's

Dear Harrah's,

Last Saturday night, my sister, her boyfriend, myself, and my husband decided to go to a casino to celebrate my sister's birthday. We always go to Ameristar, but I had recently been to Harrah's with a couple of my friends and liked it better, so I convinced them to go to Harrah's instead. They were up for it.

We got there, they got cards and a gift certificate to Imo's, we signed up for an Ipod giveaway, and went into the Mardi Gras side to get drinks. I had gone to the ATM right before arriving at the casino, and got out $60. I had no other cash. My sister's boyfriend bought the first round of drinks. I put $20 into a nickel machine, and we played for a while. Then I decided to go and buy the second round of drinks. I took my sister with me.

We went to the bar and ordered three drinks. The bartender told me it would be $5.50, which was so cheap. I was surprised. I handed him a $20 - I know this because the ATM had given me 3 $20 bills, and all I had spent so far was $20 on the nickel machine. He handed me my change, and I left him a $1.50 tip - pretty good, right? I turned around to put my money in my wallet, and noticed there were only 3 ones. I thought maybe I heard the total wrong. I asked the bartender how much the total was, and he repeated, $5.50, then walked away. I waited for him to come back, and told him I had given him a $20 and he had given me change for a $10. He completely blew it off, saying that was impossible. He completely refused to count down the drawer. I argued a little bit, but not much. What could I do? I understand retail. You can't just give everyone who asks for it a $10. So, feeling defeated, we walked away.

A few minutes later though, I decided to go to a supervisor. I found someone in a suit, and told him the story. He called over two women. I told them the story, and they agreed to go over there and count the drawer. We waited nearby, for nearly 10 minutes. They came back over, explaining that they hadn't found the $10. Actually, they said, the drawer was $5 short.

I thanked them, and told them again that though they didn't find it, I was 100% sure I gave the guy a $20. I told them that if the drawer was $5 short, then that seemed to be indicative of a bigger problem. I was not happy at all.

Would I have gone for a supervisor, and waited for 10 minutes while they counted down the drawer if I was lying? I think not. And it's a little insulting that I should be convinced I was wrong because the drawer was $5 short. To me, that means someone behind the bar can't count, or is pocketing money. I would be worried, if I were you.

I know that $10 is nothing to you. But it is to me. I am an administrative assistant, scraping every little bit to get by. I don't go to casinos much, because frankly, I don't have the money to spare. I am angered over this $10. And the worst part is that I convinced my family to come to Harrah's instead of Ameristar! Well, never again. You can bet on that.


A Disappointed Customer

**For all you gamblers out there, boycott these whores. I know it's only $10, but it's not the money, it's the principle of the thing. Just give me my money. What kind of moron would stand there and wait if they were lying? It's fucking insulting.

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