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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

complete incompetence

I went to the eye doctor yesterday at Crown Optical to see about getting new contacts (the ones I have now are so uncomfortable). I called last Friday to see if I could just come in and exchange them, but unfortunately, they're nazis and I have to pay $20 for a fitting - just to exchange some darn contacts. Oh well. No point in arguing. I scheduled the appointment for today at 1:15.

I walk in the place, and a girl asks if she can help me. I tell her my name, and that I have an appointment at 1:15. She looks at the computer, and says I'm not on the schedule. She and another girl poke around for a while, then tell me I was supposed to come in last Tuesday, the 25th.

Normally I can keep an even head when people make mistakes. It's understandable. Not today. I said, 'Hmm. That's interesting, since I made the appointment on Friday, the 28th.'

The girl says they can squeeze me in today, if I can wait for another guy to finish his appointment. She totally behaved as if I made the mistake. I was fuming. There was no reasoning with this girl.

So, I wait for thirty minutes when I ask the girl how much longer it's going to be. She says maybe 10 more minutes, that she's sorry for the wait, but I wasn't on the schedule for today. I explain to her that it's not my fault - does she get that? She finally gets it, but offers no sort of apology at all. I can tell she's a total know-it-all, by the way she treats the other employees.

The doctor finally sees me, and is confused because the dumbass sets up my file as though I'm there for a eye exam. Hello! Luckily the doctor was incredibly nice, and pregnant, or I'd have blown a gasket.

And as I'm paying the damn $20, the dumbass girl has the nerve to ask me, in front of the doctor, if they were able to help me out today! I could barely squeak out an answer. If it had been cartoon land, I'd have had smoke coming out of my ears.

How do you schedule an appointment for the 25th on the 28th? How can this girl even function? Shit, they need to hire her at my previous place of employment. She'd fit right in.

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