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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

kiss of death (and boom goes the dynamite!)

This sucks. What a shitty way to die. She didn't even get to enjoy eating peanuts before the reaper sucked her away! I mean, if you're going to die of a peanut allergy, you should go all out. Eat cartons of the damn things.

I myself can't imagine living without peanuts. No peanut butter, no Snickers, no Paydays (hardly any candy bars, actually), no peanut M&Ms (or peanut butter ones - the horror!). I'm addicted to peanut butter. It's so good. I could eat an entire jar at one time, I'm sure (probably then get violently ill - but oh so worth it).

It makes me wonder, though. He ate the sandwich hours earlier. Either he was a nasty disgusting slob who can't wipe his mouth (or even lick the residue off) (wait, he was a teenager), or they were full-on making out. Why scare the little kiddies saying it was just a kiss? Oh yeah, that's what the news is all about. Shock factor. How could I have forgotten, in the day and age of Fox News?

Oh and by the way, thanks a ton, channel 5, for picking up that traffic whore Kathleen England from channel 2. She's a freak. If I have to hear her complain about the cold or say 'sunshine slowdown' one more time I'll spew. I'm no expert, but how do these people actually make it to network news? She should be stuck in Columbia doing the college news. They are SO BAD.

And speaking of hilarious college anchors, this is one for the ages. Go there and watch it - I promise it won't disappoint. This kid was actually on Letterman (in the audience) talking about this newscast. Freaking hilarious. This is courtesy of Crazy Daddy in KC - he showed it to his groomsmen the night of the bachelor party, so Q led them in saying it after his wedding ceremony. Sounds stupid, but it was so appropriate at this affair.

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Anonymous said...

That Kathleen England comment is funnier than hell. I could have guessed she would have turned out that way.