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Thursday, November 10, 2005

the magic of Trading Spouses part II

Wow, what a huge disappointment. The previews were absolutely hilarious - I actually taped this episode so I wouldn't miss fatty yelling 'I am a god warrior!' Unfortunately, the big ending was extremely sad and depressing. A little funny, yes, but that was totally overshadowed. Fatty just stomped around, yelling about how horrible her time was, and that she wouldn't take the money given out to her family by a non-christian. She kept saying the other family was 'dark sided', but it sounded more like 'dork sided', so that was kind of funny. Her family was visibly embarrassed. And I think that would take a lot, being that they live with her every day.

The worst part was that when the wives met, fatty convinced nice mom that her family was mean and non-understanding. Nice mom actually went home to have it out with them about it. Then she heard her family's side, and totally changed her tune. She seemed to have such a good experience, but fatty had to go and ruin it all, all because she's so damn self-righteous and insecure that she couldn't take anything at all away from the experience.

Funny, though, how fatty changed her tune about the money when $20,000 was allocated towards a stomach-stapling operation. Then it was okay to take it. Though I would think that, being so insanely religious, she wouldn't have an operation like that done. You have to take vitamins and stuff like that. Seems a little 'dork sided' to me.

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