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Thursday, December 15, 2005

chocolatey goodness

My favorite thing in the world is chocolate. Yes, chocolate. I'm not exaggerating, either. I love it. If I could marry it, I would (I'd be a polygamist, but oh well). But believe me, I'm not discriminating against other types of candy. I'll eat it all. I could eat candy and sugary goodness all day.

Chocolate brownies, chocolate covered fruit, mint chocolate, chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles, mocha, hot cocoa - I could go on and on. If it's even remotely chocolate, I'll eat it. Unless it's no-brand chocolate from the dollar store. That I don't like. I do draw a line there.

My dad's favorite are raspberry cremes from Bissinger's. They cost $29 a pound, but believe me, they're worth it. They also have blackberry and strawberry cremes. Yum.

There's also a very wonderful place in downtown Columbia called
The Candy Fastory. They have all sorts of homemade goodies.

Q and I are about halfway through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so I guess that's the inspiration for this post. I absolutely love the original, and the new one is great so far. It's just delightful, what with the most adorable kid, the most lovable grandpa, and the yummiest chocolate river.

Charlie, in the new version, is just the cutest kid ever. Now there's a great child actor. Not like Dakota Fanning - that child is the devil. I saw an interview with her on TV once. Frightening. Children aren't supposed to behave like that, like an adult trapped hopelessly in a child's body. Just the way she said things almost made me puke. I cannot watch a movie with that child in it. NO WAY. CB thinks I'm crazy. He likes her. He can have her.

Back to chocolate. I love chocolate. If anyone is looking for gift ideas, there you go! Buy me chocolate! The good stuff, please. Preferably creme filled. That's not asking too much, is it?

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