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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

happy effing new year

Last night sucked. Thanks to either one of my two nieces or my nephew (I've yet to pin down the culprit), I'm sick. My chest feels like there's a balloon inside of it and it's expanding. Yuk.

Because of this, I couldn't sleep. I fell asleep around 11, then woke up, expecting it to be the middle of the night, only to find out it was only 12:30. It was all over then. Q was having trouble sleeping as well, so both of us were tossing and turning. He also makes this weird clicking noise when he sleeps, which normally doesn't bother me because he goes to sleep after me, but it was like a jackhammer last night. Finally I got up, kicked the dog off the couch, and slept there. For a few hours, anyway. The dog took my place on the bed. Apparently she's okay with the clicking.

I know it's bad when I can't sleep. My mom claims I slept all night every other night from the moment they brought me home. I can fall asleep in even the worst conditions. I've fallen asleep at concerts, movies, bars, sitting up, hell standing up - you name it, I can sleep. Cars are the worst. If it's dark, and I'm in a car, it's a 99% guarantee I'm sleeping. Which is why I won't drive during the night for extended periods of time. It's a death sentence, really. The one exception is the heat. God, I hate the heat. We had to live without AC all through college, and that was brutal. And our AC went out while living in Dallas (IN THE SUMMERTIME), and that was miserable. This was also the same craphole apartment that leaked water through the ceiling fan, which happened to be above our bed, and connected to electricity. Good times. Thanks, AmeriCorps and the government, for looking out for us little guys and making sure you took care of your volunteers.

So, work sucks, being achy, tired, and feeling like my chest will explode at any minute. And year-end is crunch time (well, their definition of crunch time, anyway) around here, so my bosses are driving me crazy.

Hey, has anyone tried that Airborne stuff? What is it for? Does it work after you're already sick? I'm trying to cover all my bases here. I really don't want to be sick for our big bash this weekend. My lunch break will be spent at Walgreens cleaning out the cold and cough section (and my wallet). Plus Hammertime and hubby are coming from Chicago, and I'm really looking forward to the samplers at the Schlafly Bottleworks. I love that place.


siren said...

My brother has a word to describe the falling asleep in the car phenomenon..."carcolepsy". He's out before we leave the driveway.

Oh, and if you're hurrying to Walgreens for the cold medication, be prepared to hurry up and wait. Thanks to the meth dealers, the pharmacy stops short of a cavity search when you try to buy Sudafed.

Norma Jean said...

I know, I'm surprised they haven't arrested me as a meth dealer yet for all the sinus meds I buy. I try too hard to act normal when handing over my ID. I know I somehow come off as an addict every time. Oh well.