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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

rural po-pos

The best Christmas present this year was Q getting out of a ticket yesterday. We were on our way home from the in-laws (very small town in mid-mo), and he was going 73 in a 55. Ouch. I haven't had a ticket in a while (knock on wood), but I imagine that would cost a pretty penny.

I'm still in shock. Q had his earrings in, and is making a really funny face on his license picture. I also have 'Free the WM3' stickers on the back of my car. I doubt this cop had any idea who the WM3 are, but you never know. I would guess cops wouldn't be too happy with that if they knew what it meant. Back to the license picture. It's really funny at bars, and grocery stores, but I guess a cop would either think it was funny or hate it. I guess this guy liked it. Either that, or he liked Chay, who was in the back seat begging him for pets. Or maybe he was just in a Christmas-y mood. He said it was because of the way Q pulled over. Q knew, the minute the cop passed us, that he was a goner. Why fight it?

So Mr. Full-On-Country-Drawl rural po-po didn't give us city slickers a ticket. He effectively gave us a $200+ Christmas present (probably more, when you figure in the increase in car insurance).

We've actually only had good experiences with rural cops. Once, in Union, MO, at the Sonic, I locked my keys in the car with the car running. I have a very bad habit of this. Anyway, a cop was able to open the door with no damage whatsoever in only a few minutes. He didn't even charge us or anything (do they 'charge' for that sort of thing? I don't even know). And he was nice as pie.

Maybe people in small towns are just nicer.

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