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Thursday, December 01, 2005

sleep tight...

I take it back. I previously thought that ticks were the foulest creatures to exist on the earth, but I was wrong. It's bedbugs. They're very similar, actually. They look alike, and both suck blood.

Apparently these things are making a comeback in New York City, running rampant through apartment buildings. Oh god. If I found one in my bed, I'd burn the whole thing. Take it out on the patio, douse with lighter fluid, and let 'er rip. I'm not that attached to the mattress, anyway. It was Q's, and I want a Sleep Number or a Tempur Pedic. Maybe I should put bedbugs on the mattress just so the above scenario can occur. Sounds like fun. I should throw in the couch, too. It sucks.

I've had two ticks (well actually a few more, but those hadn't embedded yet...shudder). The first was at my friend Shorty's house. It wasn't a big deal though, her dad just yanked it out. The second was obtained while camping after prom. Yep, just me, my date, and a sleeping bag. Mom and Dad, what were you thinking? Lucky for you, it was innocent enough. We didn't even drink (that was rare back then). Just slept. Maybe a little kissing. Anyway, I was skipping psychology class the next Monday when I felt something underneath my shirt, right below my bra line (apparently I didn't shower back then - my prom date was a lucky, lucky guy). I freaked out, and went to the bathroom to check it out, which lead to more freaking out. I left school immediately. My mom helped me get it off on the deck, with a lighter. Somehow, thank god, it worked.

Q had a tick a few years ago, and I managed to get the head caught inside of his body while tearing off the body of the tick. Who knew? I didn't know that could happen. It got pretty ugly for a while, full of puss (I almost put 'pussy' - I can imagine the ribbing now), red, swollen. Oops! I tried to tell him I wasn't good at that stuff. Honestly, ticks make me woozy. They're horrendous, foul, stinky, disgusting creatures. But he made me do it anyway. So it's his fault. No lyme disease yet, though.

I just spell-checked this entry, and the spell-checker didn't find 'lucky'. Sheesh, people, come on. I know that Americans aren't known for their grammer skills (remember 'y'all cum'?, CB & V? that still cracks me up), but at least put words commonly used in the English language in there.

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