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Thursday, January 05, 2006

baghdad burning

This is a really interesting blog written by a 26 year old female Iraqi woman. With the media being so one sided here, it's really nice (though depressing) to read about life in Iraq from a civilian who experiences it every day. It's well written and done very objectively - I know, it's shocking. I'm so not used to that. I recommend starting at the very beginning. It's a lot of reading, but so worthwhile.

She wrote, in one of her first posts:

'Normal day today. We were up at early morning, did the usual 'around the house things', you know - check if the water tank is full, try to determine when the electricity will be off, checked if there was enough cooking gas...

'You know what really bugs me about posting on the internet, chat rooms or message boards? The first reaction (usually from Americans) is "You're lying, you're not Iraqi". Why am I not Iraqi, well because a. I have internet access (Iraqis have no internet), b. I know how to use the internet (Iraqis don't know what computers are) and c. Iraqis don't know how to speak English (I must be a Liberal). All that shouldn't bother me, but it does. I see the troops in the streets and think, "So that's what they thought of us before they occupied us... that may be what they think of us now." How is it that we're seen as another Afghanistan?'

I think that sums up so well how many Americans feel about Iraq. They have no idea that there are people over there, just like you and I. Except these people have to live in the face of war, violence, and shortage without choosing that life in any way. Most of us can't even begin to imagine what that is like. While we sit at home, all safe and secure (from war, anyway), our government is terrorizing these people. It's so horrible.

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