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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

crazy mixed emotions

This morning has been crazy. It started off well. I had just enough time to do everything this morning before work without rushing around. I love mornings like that. But, once I hit 170, things went downhill fast. This MORON in a piece of shit old car (some gross green geo or something like that) was merging from highway 40, and I guess didn't see me there. He started coming over, and I honked. Then he came over anyway, almost completely taking off the front end of my car. I looked in the middle lane, and LUCKILY there was no one there, so I moved over, and laid on the horn. Some are afraid to use the horn, but I have no problem with it. In fact, I love it. It's such a great release.

This fucker had the nerve, when I passed him, to give me a dirty look! So I sped up and merged in front of him (not cutting him off, mind you). When I passed, his passenger, some dirty icky middle aged woman flicked me off! THE NERVE! I was so pissed. My heart raced. Are people that damned stupid? To think I wronged them somehow? It's unbelievable. I was 100% in the right. I swear, why can't St. Louis have good public transportation? I don't need this crap twice every day. It's so not worth it.

Then, when I got to work, a co-worker (my favorite one) had left a message on my machine telling me how glad she was that I worked there. How nice is that? I've never had that happen in my entire working life. I tell ya, she made my day. This type of thing I think is horribly sappy and cheesy, unless it happens to me, of course.

So, in this crazy day of ups and downs, who knows what will come next. I'm going to visit little bro, so I'm hoping it'll be swinging up then.

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Stephen M Bourke said...

Buck up there little camper. Things'll turn around for you.