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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

dear steph...

The other day, when Q and I were trying to shove my new glass plugs in my ears, I remembered your ex-man from college, Dwayne. You met Dwayne in St. Louis, and he decided he was going to go to Mizzou to be with you the second semester of our freshman year. He ended up living in our dorms. He was a funny, odd guy. He was the reason I made it through half of a computer programming class (I dropped out when the program I created ended up with over a hundred fatal errors).

The most notable thing about Dwayne (except for his long, stringy hair and weird nickname - I can't remember it for the life of me) was his penis ring. He was VERY proud of it. He would come to our room (me and Hammertime) and ask to borrow our pliers so he could take it out from time to time. Needless to say, we didn't use that pliers ever again.

I remember him telling us a story about taking a shower in the dorms. The walls were kind of short, but definitely taller than most girls. Dwayne was taking a shower one day, and a very tall black guy was showering in the stall next to him. The black guy looked over the wall and down at Dwayne, noticing the ring. He said, 'You got a thang in your thang.' We laughed for hours over this. I still remember hearing Dwayne say that, and the way he stretched out 'thang'.

You always had notable boyfriends, that's for sure. I'll cover Box of Rocks another time. He deserves an entire post all to himself.

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