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Monday, January 23, 2006

good ol' NES

This weekend was super boring and lame, which was fine with me. We did have to go to my work's annual party on Saturday night. It's black tie, which is kryptonite for Q, but I like it. I like getting really dressed up every once in a while. There was an open bar all night, and the food was actually really good. It started at 6, and we were one of the first couples to leave at 11:30. I heard the party lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Neither of us was feeling very well, and honestly, big shindigs aren't really our thing. We don't dance (believe me, it's better that way), and aren't big socializers, so really, there wasn't anything else to do. This illness is ridiculous. It's the same thing we had over New Year's. It just won't go away!

On a happier note, who remembers NES? Nintendo's first system (I think?). I got min
e in grade school, right when they came out. My dad is a gamer in disguise, so he bought it as much for himself as for my sister and I. I remember it came with Super Mario Brothers and Ice Climber. Anyway, Q found some music by a band called The Advantage on Sunday. They play music from Nintendo games. It's hilarious. Some games I haven't played in years, and the music is instantly recognizable. To be fair, though, we have my old NES set up in the basement, so I've played these games more recently than most, I'm sure.

I love NES games. They're fun without all the thinking involved in more recent games. You can't save them, and I love that. I enjoy brainless games. Hell, I can't even beat the Harry Potter games on X-box. I have to cheat and look at the internet to figure out how to get past things. It's too hard. And if it takes more than a few tries to move on, I give up. I don't have countless hours to figure out how to beat a bookcase that is throwing books. I thought that SIMS would be fun, but good lord, it's horribly boring. You've got to watch your person do the same thing over and over, trying to earn credits for better jobs, etc. I mean, this can go on for days and days. Ack. This stuff is too complicated.

My all time favorite is Tetris, but I also enjoy Castelvania II (which I've beaten numerous times), all the Super Mario Brothers, all the Zeldas, all the Donkey Kongs, Goonies II, Dig Dug, Dr. Mario - I could go on and on. Such good memories of kicking my sister's ass at Bubble Bobble, regular Mario Brothers, and best of all, Mario Kart (wait, that might have been Super Nintendo - I have them all). Good times.

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Baby Pancakes said...

Try having some kids, or maybe opening up five blogs. that'll keep you busy.

- Todd