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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

my sweet girl

This is my girl. My sweet houndie. Isn't she adorable? We don't normally put bandanas or other dog accessories on her (well, other than her Mizzou collar and blue fleece coat - she gets cold!), but this one was a gift from the in-laws. So we put it on while staying at their house.

Look at that face! How can you not love these great animals? I especially like her grey old lady beard. It's hilarious how dogs turn grey on their chin once they get older.

Q, on his way to work today, saw a greyhound trotting down the sidewalk unattended. He stopped his car and called the houndie over. Luckily she came to him and let him put her in the car. When you have a greyhound, their escape is your worst fear. They run so fast that there's no way you could catch up to them. Because of this, all houndies rescued from Rescued Racers have a special tag they wear on their collar with the phone number to Rescued Racers. Most also have a tag with their owner's phone number and address. Luckily this girl had both, so Q called all of the numbers on her tag. No one answered. He was about to go to the address listed when a woman called him back to say she'd meet him at her house (which was close). He dropped off the houndie. The lady had left her gate open. Q said she wasn't very thankful. What a loser!

I'd be overjoyed if someone did that for me. Then again, I'm 99% confident that my houndie wouldn't run away. She's pretty attached to us. One day we were out and about in the yard, and I went from the back yard to the front yard, and I forgot to close the gate. A few minutes later, I turned around and saw Chay. She was standing right behind me. It was surreal, because I knew she shouldn't be there, yet there she was. Perfect opportunity to run away, yet she didn't. She's so velcro - literally, if we're up, she's at our feet. Such a sweet girl. We've also let her out to stand with us during neighbors' parties, and she doesn't even try it. She knows how good she's got it.

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