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Friday, January 06, 2006

not a thing to do

I am so excited at the prospect of having NOTHING to do this weekend. Not a single thing. I've been running myself ragged the past couple of months, but it's all over now. For a few weekends, anyway. I was going to have to look for a dress for our big formal party at work at the end of the month, but I found one today at lunch. Boy, do I love having a lunch hour. My wallet doesn't, though. Whew. Between shopping and yummy food, it's bleeding me dry. I didn't miss it at my old job, but I know if I had to go without one after having one, it'd be hard. Piss on that old job. No lunch break??? What a bunch of misers. Of course, it was no lunch break for us lowly toilers. The upper ranks could do whatever they wanted. Disgusting.

A funny thing happened at work today. Now I know I've done my fair share of stupid things, but this guy takes the cake. He had twenty-five letters to mail out. One of the girls got all the envelopes ready, and even went so far as to stack the letter on top of its envelope, all in a big pile. Pretty nice. Somehow this genius managed to seal all of the envelopes without putting in a single letter. Wow. A few envelopes, yes, I can see that. But twenty-five??? He'd have to have separated the letters from the envelopes, and he'd have ended up with a pile of twenty-five sealed, empty envelopes right next to a pile of twenty-five letters. The scary thing is that this guy manages money (and no, mom & dad, it's not your guy). It's interesting, though. These guys are really smart, and do a good job, but sometimes I swear they'd lose their head if it wasn't permanently attached. I think people that are very smart yet very clueless are funny. It's baffling.

I ended up getting my dress from Ann Taylor. Every year, in January, they reduce all of their markdowns by an additional 40%. You just can't beat getting a $200 dress for $60. I also got a very cute, comfy sweater. I can't wait to go home and put it on. I don't get freaked out by wearing new clothes before they're washed. I know it freaks some out. We had this conversation at my last job. Then again, I do
n't get freaked out by much. I'm pretty laid back. Obviously, underwear, swimsuits, bras, etc. are another story. If you wear those before washing you're just gross.

So, I will be spending the weekend with Q, enjoying our alcoholic Christmas gifts.. We have a bottle of
Ciroc (the vodka made with grapes), courtesy of CB & V, and a bottle of Jago's cream vodka from Scotland (courtesy of N-8 & MT). I can't wait to try the cream vodka, as I've never had anything like it. We never splurge on good alcohol (well, sometimes, but not often), so this will be a treat. That is if I can keep myself up past 10. I'm old, folks.


siren said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to do anything when the weekend arrives. Doing nothing on the weekends is so much more satisfying than doing nothing at work, like I did all day today.

That is funny about your took real effort to mess that up!

MT said...

Hope you enjoyed the Jago's - did you try the Minty Bitch recipe? I was curious about that.