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Friday, January 27, 2006

note from Dr. Todd Fuquad, PHD

Yesterday I received the following comment from the very distinguished Dr. Todd Fuquad:

Dear Ms. Jean,

I am writing with news that will surely brighten your day. As the first student of the Ska School of Business you have been chosen to receive an honorary certificate in business. And as the first official graduate of the Ska School of Business you will be invited to produce your own testimonial to be published on the Ska School of Business Homepage at your leisure. You will also be invited to be a member of the distinguished faculty of said school. Feel free to proclaim yourself as a Doctor of a discipline of your choosing, and we will accredit you with our self-proclaimed accrediting body. Congratulations Ms. Jean! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Dr. Todd Fuquad

Now that's some excitement for my Friday. As I graduated with a BA in English, this is very good news indeed. Finally, a degree that might do some good for my career! Let's face it. It can't hurt.

How did one with a degree in English and a minor in Art History end up in with a job in the wonderful world of finance? I don't know. Really. Somehow I landed at the job from hell (oh my god look at that freak Roger Riney) and that somehow landed me here. Seems I'm actually good at this stuff. I'm pretty fascinated with mutual funds, so at least I'm somewhat interested in something we do here. IRAs just bore the hell out of me. Too many rules.

Really, I wanted to be a poet, and teach poetry at some college somewhere. It's hilarious to think about, my young ass self thinking that was a good career goal. I blame my counselor in college. What was he thinking? I'm so obviously not a teacher. If this guy had taken even one minute to get to know me, he'd have known that right off. The worst part is that during graduation the stupid prick called me the wrong name as I shook his hand. Thanks, guy. Now I have an English degree that virtually does me no good at all, and warm, fuzzy memories from my graduation.

Maybe I'll write the Great American Novel and make a shitload of money, therefore somehow rendering my English degree useful. Hey, it could happen. There are worse writers, that's for sure (did anyone actually get through 'The Notebook'? sorry, mom). All I know is that I'm meeting with my writers group tomorrow morning, and they're reviewing the second draft of my short story. I don't think I've ever written a second draft of anything, as I tend to lose interest in things quickly, so this is a momentous occasion. Hopefully it doesn't suck total ass.

Anyway, a big thanks to the great Dr. Fuquad. A true genious.

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Stephen M Bourke said...

Writer's group? How do I get into that?