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Monday, January 16, 2006

one moody mofo

I am one moody mofo today. Shocking, I know. This seems to be the pattern on Mondays. It's particularly bad today though, because I seem to be the only person without the day off. Except my friend in Atlanta. She's not off either. That's even more wrong.

It doesn't even matter that I'm wearing my pretty new suit, though that helps a tiny, tiny bit. I love new suits. For a few months, anyway - then I tire of them. It's a really bad thing. I take after my little sister. I can hardly stand to look at clothes if I've had them more than six months or so. Hard on the wallet. But being that suits are expensive (ridiculously so), I force myself to wear them anyway. It's tragic, I know.

Q and I went to eat at Brandt's in U City on Friday night. Puke! Don't go there. Thankfully we had a gift certificate. Nothing was good, except for Q's salad, and really, it's hard to mess that up. We had Vietnamese spring rolls as an appetizer, and boy, you had to bathe them in the sauce to detect any flavor whatsoever. And the sauce was very spicy, so it was definitely not a good combo. Take my word for it - a limoncello martini doesn't quite help when there's a five alarm fire in your mouth. I can handle spicy, too, living with Q. This was bad. Then I ordered red pepper and some sort of cheese stuffed chicken breast. It sounded great. Wow, what a disappointment. The chicken breast was HUGE, and wasn't seasoned at all. There was a tablespoon - if that - of red pepper and cheese in the middle, and that's it. Seriously, I had to ask for a steak knife to cut that puppy. It was horribly tough. Good god, folks - I could have done better, and that's saying a lot. Funny side note - I just looked at their online menu, and this is not on there anymore. I bet someone else complained. No human being could have thought that was good. I almost complained - and mind you, I NEVER do that. I've learned my lesson - don't fuck with the people preparing your food. Not a good idea.

I used to work at a small pizza place in Columbia (well, 'work' is a stretch - mostly I played Play Station, watched TV, made fun of the owner Cornbred, observed an alcoholic delivery driver get arrested, wondered how a seriously obese delivery driver fit in his small car, or did crossword puzzles - the phones weren't exactly ringing off the hook - but that's a story best saved for another time), and I definitely saw some things. Good life lesson - always tip the pizza guy. Otherwise you'll end up with something on your pizza that you don't want to eat. They'll remember you, too. We used to note accounts in the computer. I've been to fast food establishments when someone I was with has complained BEFORE we got our food. Come on, people. If you have to complain, at least wait until afterwards. Needless to say, I didn't eat the food.

On a side note, I can't get the Chronic (what?)cles of Narnia rap out of my head from SNL. Q and I were supposed to take our little brothers to see the movie on Saturday, but someone messed up the movie times (it's easy, okay?), so we had to see Hoodwinked instead. It was actually pretty funny. Q downloaded the rap before we left. It's hilarious. Those white boys sure can rap.


The Phoenix said...

"Lazy Sunday" has to be the funniest thing from SNL in YEARS. Pure genius.

siren said...

I remember seeing that on SNL; it's a pretty catchy song.

Also, I thought Hoodwinked was pretty good, despite the terrible reviews it got.