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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

take this job and shove it

Being back at work after 5 days off in a row really sucks. I guess it doesn't help that I STILL feel like crap. I just want to be home, lounging in my PJs on the couch, watching horrible daytime TV like Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Ambush Makeover, and sipping on tea and hot cocoa. Is that too much to ask?

I decided I don't want to work anymore. I always hear people say they'd get bored after a couple of weeks, but I truly don't see that happening. I could watch TV and movies, read, putter around the house, or surf the internet. I'd be in heaven. Seriously, I could never get tired of TV, movies, or reading. Maybe it's because I lack drive and ambition. I am okay being with myself all day. I don't need petty interaction with coworkers. Ah, sweet joy. I guess it's something to look forward to in retirement. Why can't some distant relative I've never heard of keel over and leave me millions? I'll keep dreaming.

At least the job I have is a good one. Today I got a really nice vase of flowers to celebrate my one year anniversary. How nice is that? I was pleasantly surprised. I've been here a year, and the place still surprises me. My brain still isn't used to working for nice, trusting people.

Now I'm just counting the hours till I can go home and sink into the couch.

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Kendra said...

I know what you mean. I only work part-time and I wouldn't mind cutting those hours in half and lounge at home for a little bit longer