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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

wait for it...wait for it...

Oh boy, brace for more controversy! Kanye is at it again. I think it's a cool cover, but just wait, the christian right is going to be all over this one. They already don't like him. Shit's gonna hit the fan.

It's like all the controversy over the new show 'The Book of Daniel'. The show's okay - it has its moments - but is it worth all the stupidity? If anything, it's only helping to promote the show. Ha. So what if the evangelical priest talks to Jesus, and Jesus is the typical, white, long-haired, beareded, white cloth draped stereotype? It's not supposed to be the real Jesus, people. Daniel is talking to his idea of Jesus in his head. And so what if the priest has a pain pill addiction? So priests aren't allowed to be normal people with normal battles to fight? Please. These nuts actually got the show pulled from something like nine affiliates. Seriously, if you don't want your kids watching this, then don't let them! It's on at nine, anyway. It's not like that's the 'family hour'. So much energy expended to create a stir about this show when there are definitely bigger fights to fight. If only these right-winged nuts would focus their attention elsewhere. How about the millions of poor in this nation alone? How about the victims of Katrina who are still living in hotels, or the children who are abused night and day? Try that for a while. Leave us normal folk to our Rolling Stone and TV, please.

On a side note, does anyone remember
Charlie, the smoking chimp? My boss forwarded me the link. I remember reading about it a while back, but never actually saw the video. It's hilarious. It's also horribly sad, but really, who can help but to laugh. It's completely odd to see a chimp smoking. Poor thing, he doesn't even realize how addicting it is. He just thinks it's funny. Apparently he gets pissed if he doesn't have any smokes. Speaks volumes about how addictive they are.

On another side note, some heinous mofo kept calling us in the middle of the night last night. Not over and over, mind you - he'd wait ten minutes or so between calls. So, just when we thought it was safe to go to sleep, bam, there he was again. I didn't answer the phone, Q did, but the guy was so loud I could hear everything he said. Or could have heard everthing he said, had it been intelligible. They guy wasn't foreign - he must have been totally drunk. Q would say 'hello', then there was a stream of insane banter, followed by Q telling the guy it was the wrong number, then they guy acting confused (I heard a couple of 'huh?'s), Q repeating it was the wrong number, then the guy finally hanging up. Man, what a freak. We finally unplugged the phones after three calls.

It reminds me of the time a hispanic guy called my cell and left a message. Apparently he thought I was a friend of his (though my message clearly says 'It's Norma Jean, you know what to do'), and needed my help to escape from the cops. They were after him for stealing money or something like that. The message was awesome - I wish I had saved it.

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