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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

cards are dumb

I was in kind of a pissy mood (again), all Valentine's Day sucks, blah, blah, blah, but now I'm very happy. I just went out for lunch, and it's gorgeous. 60 degrees, sunny, calm - amazing. I so cannot wait for spring. The only downfall is that it's going to get cold again this weekend, just in time for us to go to the lake. We were expecting it to be cold anyway, but it would have been nice to get some good weather instead. Oh well.

Valentine's Day still makes me want to puke, though. So over-commercialized, just a way for big business to make a buck. I'm not really a big flowers person (I do like to grow them, though - at least there's some satisfaction there), lucky for Q. I'd never want him to go and blow $50 to have them sent to work. Gag. And don't even get me started on cards. What is with them? Who wants a card? They're at least $2 nowadays. I'd rather someone spent the extra $2 on my present. Ugh. I despise cards. Who wants a whole pile of cards? No one writes anything in them.
They're just a stupid waste of money. Except for the pickle birthday cards at Schnucks. It's in the shape of a pickle, and says something stupid like 'Bet you didn't think you'd get a pickle for your birthday'. That's the only birthday card I get anymore, and only if it's totally necessary.

Now, if Q wanted to get me chocolate for V-Day, I guess I'd have to accept it and eat it. It'd be rude not to, right?. I'm a serious sugarholic. It's sad. We usually just ignore V-Day, unless we decide to go out to dinner or something like that. Or we use it as an excuse to blow money on something we've been wanting for a while, like a laptop, which we bought last night.

I'm pretty excited for it, though now there's no excuse not to write anymore. But, at least I can sit in front of the TV and write. I can't focus long enough to just sit and write, so this is the perfect solution. When I need a break, I can veg for a minute, then get back to writing. Wow, I'm lazy.

It will come in very handy this weekend, though. It's a six hour drive, so I can spend that time writing, or watching movies, or whatever. It's also a way for us to watch DVDs at the cabin. Since it's literally in the middle of nowhere (Flippin, Arkansas - makes for some good laughs - Flippin Church of God, Flippin Self-Storage, etc.), being able to write, and watch movies, will be a huge help. And time to read. I'm totally ready for that.

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Stephen M Bourke said...

Happy Valentine's Day you big softie!