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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

hell in a hand basket

Now Wal-Marts are refusing to dispense (or even carry) the morning-after pill. What's next? Refusing to carry condoms, or birth control? Last time I checked, this was the twenty-first century. Why are we taking steps backwards in terms of freedom instead of forwards? It's like I've been transported to some parallel universe, stuck in the middle ages. Scary.

The ridiculous thing is that the morning-after pill DOES NOT EQUAL an abortion, as the crazy religious right would have you believe. It's only effective if taken before implantation. No one is killing a baby with it. There are pills to end a pregnancy. These are different.

I just don't get how a store or a pharmacist can decide what prescriptions to carry / give out. It's Wal-Mart, for god's sake. As if they're allowed to make judgment calls (sorry, V) when they're encouraging their employees to go on state funded medical programs instead of providing a decent health care plan. They're being sued for not allowing women to rise in the ranks as fast as men. How are they allowed to thumb their nose at women deciding they don't want a baby? I know, it's not just Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, they happen to be the ones in the news all the time - they happen to be a massively big retail chain. It comes with the territory.

The main issue - if a woman is so desperate to not get pregnant that they'll take a high dose of what is essentially birth control, then do we want them to be forced to have a baby? There are enough parents in the world who shouldn't have kids. Why create more? It's ridiculous.

Just pile this on top of all of the other rights infringements in this country right now (gay unions, stem cell research, the FCC, etc.). If only people would mind their own business. Who cares if a woman wants to ensure she doesn't get pregnant? Who cares if two gay people want to get married, or form a civil union? What difference does it make? How does it even affect anyone but the woman or the gay couple? It's ridiculous. It makes me sick, and scared, wondering what will come next. These people are playing with fire. Soon someone will tell them they can't do something, and then shit will hit the fan.


Mustang Betsy said...

well said!

Stephen M Bourke said...

They are afraid that all of the trailer trash are having too many abortions, thereby eliminating Wal Mart's future workforce. Although, they do not realize that coat hangers are used as an effective contraception device all too often in the rural United States. Or maybe not. Wal Mart does only sell plastic coat hangers. Wow, those fuckers are smart!