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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

lifetime scratch repair?

So I went to Circuit City today to pick up the new In Flames CD (which is pretty good, by the way). I found it easily, which is unusual at this particular store - they have a problem putting new releases in their little alphabatized sections. They're usually on the bottom of the rack in no particular order. Actually, I have a hard time finding anything in this store - their methods of organization seem to completely defy logic. I think they actually laugh right in its face.

I went up to the cash register to buy the CD, and after it's scanned the dorky boy asked me if, for an additional $1.99, I would like to purchase lifetime scratch repair. I thought for a moment, wondering if I had heard correctly (and also trying to figure out how to use the card scanner - why can't they all be alike???), then asked him to repeat himself. I did hear correctly. Why would anyone pay $1.99 for that? First of all, don't be a moron, and handle your discs correctly. Second, you can usually go to any record store and ask them to clean the disc for you. They're usually very nice about it.

Circuit City must be hard up for CD business, or business in general. I'd like stats on how many people actually take them up on that. I can't imagine many do. It's crazy! If you bought this for five CDs, you'd spend $9.95, which is the price of buying one of them all over again. What are the chances you'll horribly scratch five CDs? It just doesn't seem to make sense economically.


moo said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing. It's a genius concept that provides pure profit for Circuit City. The only "cost" is training their sales associates to use suggestive selling. You know, like when they ask you if you want fries with your order at McDonald's. It's everywhere. And it must work, proving that Americans are real suckers.

Mustang Betsy said...

BTW, plain old toothpaste works to clean your cds - just wash it off.

Norma Jean said...

With my crazy obsessed husband, there is no such thing as a scratched CD. It's actually a little scary.

Unfortunately for Circuit City, this kid looked mortified to even have to ask such a thing. I guess good marketing is only as good as the fool making the sale.

Mustang Betsy said...

Went to Comp USA to buy a wireless router. When I checked out the dude asked me if I wanted to buy a service protection plan good for one year for $5 (1/5 of the router's price). So if the product didn't work, I could get a new one. Isn't that called defective and returnable? Anyway, obviously this trend is widespread, and discomforting.