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Sunday, February 12, 2006

my little cootie

As of last night, my little sis Cootie is engaged! Congrats to Cootie and MC. To my future bro-in-law - some things to remember:

1. There are no returns. This sale is final.
2. There are no satisfaction guarantees.
3. You might wake up one day and find a your wife has turned into a stalk of wheat.
4. You've met the family - you know what you're getting into. Think on that one.
5. You've been shopping with Cootie - if one day you wake up broke, you had all the warning in the world, brother. Can't claim ignorance on that one.

Really, though, MC is the coolest. Cootie scared us for a while, with some of the guys she dated. MC is a breath of fresh air. Q and I had serious doubts about the man Cootie would snag into marrying her, and had prepared for the worst. I love hanging out with Cootie, but we figured the guy she eventually roped in wouldn't be like Q and I in the least, and that hanging out with them would be sometimes painful, especially for Q. But we really lucked out. MC is cool, funny, down to earth, sincere, and very good to Cootie. We hit the jackpot! In the year we've known him, we feel we've found a real friend, definitely not someone we have to pretend to like for Cootie's sake.

In summation, good job, Cootie. We're proud. We can't wait for the wedding (get ready for my speech - Q's going to help!), and all the fun times we're going to have together in the future! Just don't move too far away. Then you'll be in the snares of McSniffland.

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