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Friday, February 10, 2006

new tattoo

So Q and I set appointments for our next tattoos - next Thursday. I'm pretty excited, and believe me, that takes a lot. I'm getting this:

on the ball of my shoulder. I'm guessing it'll be about as painful as the one on my lower back, which wasn't too bad, so I'm not really worried about it. I'm more worried about having to wear a tank top and being cold. Maybe it'll be nice outside. There's no telling round these parts. We'll have all weekend to recover, though - we're going to Bull Shoals from Friday to Tuesday. Ahhh, sweet isolation. Nice.

I need some opinions, though. I'm going to get the grey image in the middle, with the star. It's going to be in black. Should I make the entire star black, with an outline of flesh between the star and the figure? Or should I make the star all red, with a black image? It's a tough decision. I like both possibilities for different reasons.

I have to admit I'm addicted to them. Not because of the pain, or anything sick and twisted like that. I guess it took a lot of courage to get the first, so now that I've already got one, it's much easier to get more. I was afraid I wouldn't have any more ideas, since I'm big on getting unique things that mean a lot to me, but now I've got tons. It's good and bad, I guess. I just don't want to end up like the 'freaks' on fear factor. Did you see that guy? He had tattoos all over his face, head, neck, etc. Tattoos on the face are just weird. Once you've done that there's no going back. Plus, I would imagie that would hurt like hell.


Mustang Betsy said...

NJ - I have a strained relationship with needles so I don't have any particular leaning on the black or black/red color options. Thinking it might be worth making a xerox version to see it in B&W (and maybe even making a red star for the center) to see which one hits you. Let me know which way you go. And if it hurts on your shoulder blade!

Pantelones Alejandro Limon said...

Any tatoo on you would look sexy. The color is a moot point.