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Monday, February 13, 2006

vietnam has yummy food

My sister Moo and I saw 'Capote' this weekend at the Chase. The movie was excellent, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was great. I don't know anything about Truman Capote other than that he wrote 'In Cold Blood', so I don't know what type of person he was, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman sure was convincing. So far he's my favorite candidate for Best Actor, though not by much. There was a lot of great acting and great movies last year.

For those of you unfamiliar with St. Louis, the Chase is a big, old, fancy hotel in the Central West End. The movie theater is pretty fancy too, and caters to a higher end client (boy they hated me). I was shocked at the behavior of these rich folks. They couldn't shut the hell up! I usually frequent South County theaters, and this was at least five times worse. There was a woman sitting behind us who was obviously not interested in the movie, yet still continued to make comments, and laugh at VERY inappropriate moments. What a moron. For the love of god, people, shut the fuck up in a crowded theater. Don't even whisper. And don't comment on the movie DURING THE MOVIE, especially when your comments are horribly ignorant. Sheesh.

Afterwards, we ate at Pho Grand, one of my favorite restaurants. I love all kinds of asian food, and vietnamese is no exception. Pho Grand has a great selection, great quality, and is super cheap. My favorite things to eat are the Cha Gio (Vietnamese egg rolls), the Bun Dau Hu Chien (vermicelli noodles with deep fried tofu and vegetables with crushed peanut and cilantro) and a Tsigtao beer. Yum. I highly recommend.

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Mustang Betsy said...

Pho Grand is yummy. And the Chase can have talkers, but THE WORST is Plaza Frontenac. They're another great place for indie/foreign films but there are ALWAYS talkers. It's horrible.