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Monday, March 13, 2006

irish food is yummy

Kickball season has started off great. We won our first game 11-0. Last season we had a good win/loss record, but were really bad about giving up runs to the other team, so this was great, and showed a nice change in our defense. That team had an even record last year, which could have been scary. They were the type of team that might have beaten us last year because we were so inconsistent, sometimes playing great, sometimes sucking badly, and often winning by complete luck.

The second team we played won every game last year but one, and were in a tough division, so I was nervous about it. I figured we'd lose, it was just a question of how badly. There were no runs scored through the fifth inning, which was great. Our defense was awesome. Then they got through a little bit and ended up beating us 5-2, which I think was pretty respectable, considering they won both of their games last week (before the rest of the games were rained out), scoring 24 runs total and only allowing 4 runs. We looked good out there. I think we totally shocked them, which was pretty funny. In the third inning I heard someone on their team call out 'who ARE these guys???' (even though our team name is on our shirts - duh).

The rest of the weekend was nice and laid back, with extremely warm temperatures, and not nearly as much rain as was predicted. Especially since I called in to work on Friday to take the day off. I need three day weekends every week. I'd be so willing to work ten hour days. That extra day makes all the difference in the world.

Either that or I just need to get the hell out of corporate America. I'm just not cut out for this crap. I hate being on someone else's schedule (my completely unorganized bosses with no respect for my time), HATE having to dress up (especially shoes), hate having to be somewhere else from 8-5 every day, hate having to be someone I'm not (friendly in the morning, team player, etc). I just despise all the fakeness. You can slice through the tension in this place with a knife, yet everyone acts totally nice and happy, all best friendsy. It's repulsive. I just have an extremely hard time being fake and schmoozy, which is totally the key to success here. Don't get me wrong, I like my bosses (for the most part), and the company has great benefits, so I'm thankful to be here for the most part. I'm just getting pretty fed up with corporate work. I hear Quik Trip pays a lot...heh, I'm pretty sure they couldn't pay me enough to put up with the clientele. Ick. Then again, at least I'd get to wear comfortable shoes. I guess every job has it's ups and downs.

I also got to eat my favorite dinner in the world last night - corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, and beans. Too bad I don't like Guinness, because that would have made the perfect Irish dinner (though I just heard somewhere that corned beef isn't actually an Irish thing...interesting - Megan, any expertise here?). It was yummy, and best of all, I get leftovers tonight. Yum.

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