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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

kickball and penguins

We won both of our kickball games this weekend, which was fun. We were a little sloppy, but it all worked out in the end, which I figured would happen, as both the teams we played were new. As we've learned, it takes at least a couple of seasons to figure everything out, and get the hang of what you're doing. One wouldn't think it'd be that hard - it's kickball, right? But there are tons of rules, and many tricks that are only learned through experience.

The second team we played was super mouthy, so it was our number one goal to beat them. We were only up by three at one point, and got a little nervous, but after totall pulling together under our united goal, we effectively beat them. They were totally whiny babies. They'll learn. This league doesn't tolerate whiny babies AT ALL. I've seen the president (yes, the president - how cool is that???) throw a team out of the league after bitching about something during the tournament. They're serious about one thing - having fun and keeping it low key. It's okay to be competitive, just not sore losers. I think this team was just pissed that their record was 1 and 5, and they were a bunch of young, seemingly athletic adults, and couldn't deal with losing. They should definitely get used to it, though - they've lost to some pretty marginal teams.

The funniest part of the day happened before they even started, though. Cootie and I were sitting in our chairs on the sideline watching some of our team warming up (we were freezing, it was like 45 degrees, cloudy, and windy). There were two people (a younger and an older woman) running frantically after a small border collie, who had apparently gotten loose. The older lady kept yelling 'Grab him!' repeatedly, I guess hoping someone standing around would just bend over and grab the dog. The dog wasn't even running that fast though, and would stop from time to time, trying to attack the kickballs. More than once he stopped at the feet of the young girl, who could not, for the life of her, manage to pick him up (I think this is why people were reluctant to pick him up - they couldn't comprehend why the two women couldn't do it, and didn't entirely get the situation). After at least ten minutes of watching them run aimlessly after the dog yelling 'Grab him!', the dog trotted up to Cootie, who patted her lap one time and said 'Come here', and jumped right into her lap. The two people were AMAZED, and came over to get the dog and thank her. The whole thing struck me as hilarious, and I could not stop laughing, which I'm sure did not please the two people, but it was one of those situations where laughing is all you can do, and trying to stop just makes it worse. Thankfully Cootie kept her composure.

There was no leash in sight, by the way. Hint to dumbasses: if your dog has problems running away from you (and/or you are too moronic to figure out how to pick it up when it's standing at your feet), keep it on a leash. Not terribly difficult.

Q and I watched 'March of the Penguins' this weekend. I loved it. I was totally amazed by what these creatures go through every year. Nature just dumbfounds me - how these animals continue to do the same thing year after year, to such precise exactness, is unbelievable. That a bird can seemingly experience such emotion is really cool to see, and also very humbling, realizing humans aren't the only ones who can experience with such depth. Definitely watch it, if you haven't yet.

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