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Friday, March 03, 2006

major dick bong

I'm not trying to be disrespectful in the least bit. I have much admiration for our veterans, and know for a fact I couldn't ever do the things they've done, as I'm a huge wimp.

My boss has a calendar of fighter jets in his office, as his father flew one during world war two. I've never opened it, but there it was on Friday afternoon, just sitting on his table. I opened up the first page, and there sat Dick Bong. I kid you not. Major Richard Bong, AKA Major Dick Bong. No folks, this is not a joke. I found a
website dedicated to him on the internet (ahh, the joy of the internet).

I am fascinated with the name Dick. I have an uncle named Dick. I know, when they were named, it didn't mean what it means today. I just can't imagine, even if I grew up with the name, keeping it nowadays. Especially if paired up with Bong. My god, the possibilities are endless. It's not as though there aren't other nicknames for Richard. Both Rich and Rick are perfectly acceptable. How did Dick come from Richard, anyway? It's like getting Peggy from Margaret. How does that happen? I have an aunt named Peggy. She's not married to Dick. My extended family is just full of odd nicknames.

It reminds me of a name I once came across, Dick Pouch. Dick and Donna Pouch, proud residents of this fair city I call home. This provided hours of entertainment, as I found it at a previous job, and we laughed for days. There are some really unfortunate names out there, but Dick names are the best. I mean, Dick alone is funny, but come on - Dick Pouch? Dick Bong? It's almost too good to be true. As discussed with my writing group, sometimes the truth IS stranger than fiction.

All of this Dick talk reminds me of the time we went up to visit my Uncle Dick and cousins in Minnesota when I was younger. We all went to some amusement park. We managed to lose my uncle, and my mom told my cousin, a boy my same age, to call out for him. First he called out 'Dad', whereby every father there turned around. Obviously that didn't work, so mom told him to call his name. He yelled out 'DICK!' at the top of his lungs. This caused quite a different reaction. I don't actually remember this, but mom does, and tells it every time I ask. It never gets old.

I admit it, I'm so immature. I like Dick jokes. I can't help it. Have a good weekend lovely readers!


Turd Ferguson said...

I served the military once, hand jobs for a buck fitty a piece!

Turd Ferguson

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