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Monday, March 06, 2006

Stewart rips the stars...nice

So the 'stars' didn't like Jon Stewart. What did the Academy think was going to happen when they asked him to host? Have they ever seen the Daily Show? It's not a big surprise, folks. I, however, found it hilarious, especially when he scolded piracy, saying it was taking money away from the actors there in the theater (the most disgustingly rich in the nation). It was awesome. Nothing like mocking the stars on their big night. Bravo, Jon Stewart. Your performance was everything I expected.

What was up with the pre-show? Too much movie recaps, outlining who was nominated. When I watch the pre-show I want to see the celebs - which ones have good outfits, which have horrible, which are completely awkward during their interviews - that's the good stuff. I watch the awards to see all the nitty-gritty. And surf the internet to find out who is nominated, etc. And they talked to critics, which was so stupid! I was pissed. I want smut during the pre-show. That's what it's all about. And this year there wasn't nearly enough.

Some favorite (and not-so-favorite) moments:

  • Jon Stewart ripping on celebrities right in front of them and they were forced to laugh.
  • Jennifer Garner almost tripping on her way to the podium.
  • The why-was-he/she-there moments: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Will Smith - why?
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman winning best actor (from shart to best actor - nice move!)
  • The cute little Wallace & Gromit guys with their bowties (though Tim Burton should have won there) and the cute little stuffed penguins. Dorky, but cute.
  • 36 Mafia winning best song - someone definitely rolled over in their grave with that one.
  • Uma Thurman looking incredibly hot.

Did anyone else think it was totally rude that they kept cutting the mic off before the second winner in a pair of winners could talk? I'm all for cutting the mic, but at least give them both a chance to speak. It's not the second one's fault the first one was a selfish moron. I thought it was awful. They'd go up to speak, and not realize the mic was off, and stand there talking without anyone able to hear. It was very rude.

Kickball started this weekend. Unfortunately our games were rained out, which sucks. I look forward to kickball all year long, so to miss the first games is such a bummer. The first round of games weren't called, so we made it to Tower Grove and were unloading all our stuff (in the rain) before learning the rest of the games were called. By that point we were already wet, so we were totally ready to play. Oh well. I guess we saved our two opponents from a slaughter. Lucky them.

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