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As Ernest Hemingway once said...
'All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.'

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

stuck in the mud...literally

A man got stuck in some mud in Texas after running from police (they stopped him for an outdated license tag). He ran into a field, and got stuck up to his waist.

As if that isn't unbelievable enough, he died after two hours - supposedly due to exhaustion and the cold (wait - Texas isn't even that cold - it was in the thirties).

Hmmm, something seems fishy to me. People have survived much worse ordeals. Am I missing something???

On another note, someone landed on my site by searching for roger riney asshole. Roger is the owner of my old company, Scottrade. Though I never called him an asshole in this blog, I have spoken about the drinking game asshole. I'm more concerned about the person who searched for that. Is it an old colleague? A disgruntled employee? I want to know very badly. As Steph used to say, 'we can't always have what we want, now can we?'. Oh well.

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:P fuzzbox said...

Just like in the summer it's not the heat it's the humidity, in the winter it's not the cold it's the windchill. That and a pistol whippin'.