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Thursday, March 09, 2006

stupid st. louis, stupid cars, stupid rainy day

I despise cars. For the billionth time, I despise having to drive a car to and from work every day. I wish I could use GOOD public transportation, leaving my car in the driveway for weekend use only. What a treat that would be.

I can't think of a bigger hassle then having to get a car fixed (which happens so very often). You've got to make time in your busy life to go and sit with it, or get some poor sucker to pick you up when you take it in and drop you off when it's ready. It sucks. Then, more often than not, the stupid thing wasn't fixed right, and you have to take it back over, and over, and over to get it done right, going through the process of making time in your already super busy life to do this repeatedly. I'm so sick of it.

Plus, it's so hard to find a good mechanic, one who knows what he's doing and won't fuck you over. I guess this is just reflective of the world as a whole, though. You can't trust anyone anymore. If you think you can, you're just naive.

I'd probably feel differently after doing the public transportation thing for a while, but I just think it'd be grand. I swear, traffic and moronic drivers (which is just about everyone) just make my blood boil. Maybe I just need an outlet for my frustrations. I've started working out again, so maybe that will help.

All I know is that it's raining today, which means at least an additional 10 minutes to my commute. I'm still baffled as to why this happens, but oh well. C'est la vie. I can't wait until they start construction on highway 40. Though I don't actually ever drive on 40 for my commute, it's bound to make it a nightmare anyway. 40 and 170 has to be the dumbest intersection on the planet already, so construction surely will only make it worse. Blah.

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