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Thursday, March 16, 2006

what would i do for a cool million...

This confirms not only why the media today is ridiculous, but also why I don't subscribe (and go broke in the meantime) to cable. Remember Jennifer Wilbanks? No? I didn't either, until they mentioned the whole 'runaway bride' thing. Oh yeah, that dumb skank. Apparently cable news shows are beating down her door with offers for her to do the same thing exactly again, simply to provide some good news stories and ratings. Some have even offered a million dollars. Seriously, isn't there something better for a million dollars? That woman is a mess. Why not drudge up Darva Conger? Or Tonya Harding? I'm guessing you could get them to do just about anything for that kind of scratch. And they wouldn't have to repeat the same old story.

I mean, if cable networks want to pay people to create news, who cares, right? But they probably shouldn't admit to it. Keep it behind closed doors. And how can they live with themselves? I think these execs would be happier if half the nation croaked from the bird flu simply because it'd make a great story. It's disgusting.

More importantly, though, what is wrong with that woman? Besides leaving your fiance and ridiculously expensive wedding and running away to Arizona (or wherever) and claiming mexicans raped you and held you hostage, that is. Why wouldn't she take the million bucks? She can't seriously be worried about her reputation. First of all, she's totally yesterday's news. I wouldn't have even remembered her name if it hadn't been mentioned in this article. And she'd only be doing exactly what she did already, so how could it ruin her reputation any more? And wouldn't a million dollars be more than enough to deal with whatever may happen to her reputation? If anything, I'd respect her more for doing it and taking money from the dumbass cable companies.

Take the money and run, girl. Literally.

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