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Monday, April 24, 2006

baseball and homemade t-shirts

We went to KC this past weekend to see this cutie pie (and some other friends too):

He's a great baby - very laid back and adorable. It was neat-o to hold him and cuddle with him.

We also went to the Royals game. I thought it was pretty cool that you could wake up one day and decide to go to a baseball game - there is no such thing here in St. Louis, especially now with the new stadium. We got $12 tickets, and sat literally two rows from the field in the right outfield. Also something you can't do in St. Louis. I know, it's the price you pay for having a great team (though a little shaky, for sure, this year so far).

They played the Indians, and killed them 11-5. We had a blast, and I couldn't help but notice the shocking differences between the fans in KC and in St. Louis. In St. Louis, the fans are an older bunch, for the most part. Lots of thirties and forties. And lots of family action. And the younger folk who are there are well-behaved, for the most part. I'm not saying you don't get a rowdy bunch of friends, that most definitely happens. But it's so tame compared to KC.

In KC, it seems like teens go here for fun, as opposed to movie theaters or malls like in St. Louis (the ticket prices are comparable - scary). The crowd was considerably younger. In fact, we were surrounded by a large group of what I thought were preteens, but my friend assured me they were in high school, without a parent in sight. They get younger and younger, I tell you. Anyway, some interesting highlights from the game:

-We saw a rather large guy break a seat. One side of it cracked, so he decided to stomp the other side and break it off all together, so he could give it to a guy he almost got in a fist fight with earlier. The large guy called some girl they were with underage - this girl, whether underage or not, was horribly drunk, and had on barely any clothing. I'm a fan of miniskirts, but this girl had a scarf around her waist, I'm pretty sure. She also almost spilled beer (and her breasts) onto my friends 11 year old son - a real class act for sure.

-There was a guy in front of us wearing a homemade t-shirt (by homemade I mean white hanes T and black sharpie). I had gone to get a beer, and when I got back, my friend told me to look at it. Because he was sitting down, all I could see was 'Indians, if you are reading this...take it as a warning...' She made me wait for the rest until he stood up. It said, under the first two lines, 'I'm going to shit on your face.' I almost fell out of my chair laughing. He eventually got kicked out. Nothing like a good ol' homemade t-shirt.

Another cool thing about KC's stadium is that it's universal parking all around, so you pay $9 and park with everyone else surrounding the stadium. There's plenty of room to grill, drink, play catch, and all sorts of cool stuff. I like that so much better than the system here, though we don't really have a choice, since it's smack in downtown. I had a great time at the KC game, though. It's just so interesting to note the vast differences.

On a side note, all of the kickball teams had to nominate their all-stars yesterday (one guy and one girl from each team play in the 2 all-star games on the Saturday before the tourney), and I got voted the girl all-star for my team. Pretty exciting! Plus, we won both of our games, one against a team that was tied with us in our division - we beat them 17-3! It's so much more fun to win than to lose, even if I am super sore today from running around the bases so many times.

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