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Friday, April 21, 2006

can I get a 'gullible' over here?

Beware the door-to-door free breast exam guy

This was one of the headlines on today. I had to click on it - surely it couldn't be as simple as that. Sometimes these 'news' outlets get creative, just to make you click on the link. This had to be one of these times.

Nope. A 76 year old man was arrested after two women accused him of coming to their house to offer free breast exams. He subsequently asked them to take off their clothes and did a 'girly' exam with no gloves. I guess that's when the women got suspicious.

First of all, EW. Second, the EW moment should never have been reached. Seriously. These women were in their thirties, they weren't feeble, old women. What kind of woman lets a 76 year old man into their house for a free breast exam? If you ask me, they deserved what they got. Give me a break. So the guy said he was a doctor. They believed that? The guy was probably completely shocked to even get past the front door.

I can't help thinking of myself in this situation. An old guy knocks on the door with a black bag, says he's with the local hospital, and is offering free door-to-door breast exams. I'm 200% confident I'd say 'No thanks,' close the door, and move on about my life, laughing over the possibility of a good blog entry, or a good story to tell my friends. Even if he could prove he was a doctor, no fucking way is this guy coming into my house. Even if I had a brain malfunction and let him in for the breast exam, no way am I taking off my clothes for the 'girlie' exam. No way in hell.

Is a warning like this even necessary? I guess so. I'm still dumbfounded about it. How? Why? Wow.

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Mustang Betsy said...

who are these people? this is definitely news of the (gullible) weird.