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Thursday, April 20, 2006

google is marvelous

My writing group will get a kick out of this one. We have a shared blog where we post our daily exercises (which we've been really bad about doing lately, myself included). It doesn't get many hits, but somehow ends up smeared all over the search engines. I guess writing fiction means including a bunch of words that wouldn't normally appear in nonfiction. Below are a few of the ways people have found the site:

luggage rental in stl

sexy no shirted bikini

make your own sound proof studio

new york studio school painting marathon

how to make terry towel wraparound

electric scooter charging cords

xanga streetcar crowded

collared greens recipe

sex mom with wearing silk skirt

mitzi mexican clothing

wet snow

forest park houses stl

mr grind picture photo

fuck a woman tonight in st.louis

mane face expression painting

madsen grocery

east saint louis dress shops

antibacterial shower soap smell bad

ralphie's grocery stores


learning games trailing cover wagon games

set garage sale

architectural digest dude ranch

grim reaper saint

second hand furniture stores, saint louis

toto too store minnesota (toto - he's everywhere!)

laughing gives her hiccups

Of course, my favorites are the ones with no regard whatsoever to grammer, such as 'sex mom with wearing silk skirt'. What was that person possibly looking for? I also liked 'architectural digest dude ranch'. I guess those are in that magazine...I'm not a regular reader. Seems kind of odd, though. I also get a kick out of 'sexy no shirted bikini'. What exactly is a no shirted bikini? And I'm definitely searching for 'grim reaper saint', as I'm fascinated with the grim reaper, and am curious to see what this might bring up.

I just love this little glimpse into humanity. I do like to stay on top of what the kids are searching for these days.

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Mustang Betsy said...

Bizarre but very interesting. I want to know how you got this info - I want to do the same on my blog and see what pops up!