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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the new digs

Q and I got to go to the first game ever at the new Busch Stadium last night. It was an exhibition game between two of the Cardinals' minor league teams - Memphis and Springfield. We had a great time. The stadium is really cool, and really has a different feel. It's obvious from the seats, as the park is no longer round - pretty weird. It was hard to get used to the new scoreboard, and the way they displayed the retired numbers was kind of odd, much less emphasis than in the old stadium. The other areas are weird too, as you can see the city from just about anywhere. You were pretty closed in at the old stadium, so that's different. It's kind of surreal. Q thinks if you have a good throw you could reach the highway from one of the sides of the stadium - it's scary how close it is to 40. I'll have to figure out where Father Time stands at the new place - that guy cracks me up.

The one thing that really sucked was the concessions. The lines were out of control, with many of the hot dog/beer stands only having one register. We waited in line forever, and unlike the old stadium, there weren't any TVs broadcasting the game. Maybe they just weren't installed yet, as there was a lot of things that weren't finished yet (like the section numbers - Q and I ended up sitting in the wrong one for much of the game). I hope that's the case. If I'm going to have to wait in a long line for a freaking $5.25 hot dog, I better at least be able to see the game.

Afterwards we met up with a friend and headed over to Paddy O's. I happened to run into my boss there, which was funny, since neither of us knew the other was going to the game. Eventually we made our way outside, where there was a DJ, and a few people dancing. There was this one black guy who danced to everything. He was the type of guy who couldn't help but dance when the music was on. He was so into it, with the hugest smile on his face. I ended up dancing with some old guys, which was funny. The DJ started calling out celebrity look-alikes (I say this with a grain of salt - none actually looked like their celebrity) to go to the bar for a free shot. Q's celebrity was Jack Osbourne, because of his black frame glasses, which he was none too happy about, until he got the free shot, anyway. Then he called some random black guy Nelly, and the only thing they had in common was that they were black. Then he called an Asian guy Brad Pitt - you see the similarity, right??? It was actually pretty funny. I think our friend said the DJ was the guy who does the door contest at the baseball games - the one where a person has to choose from three doors, then can trade it in to choose again, etc. I might have imagined that, though. Who knows.

A good time was had by all. I'm so ready for the baseball season. I like it more and more every year - Q's influence, I'm sure. He's a fanatic. Apparently Albert's already hit a homer out of the park (during practice) - should be a great season. Go Cards!

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