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Thursday, April 27, 2006

thoughts about gas

I don't really care about gas prices one way or the other, as long as everything is fair. Yes, it sucks to pay $40 to fill up my car's tank, but that's life. I choose to have a car, so I have to suffer the consequences. I'm just glad I didn't buy a big ol' honking SUV. I'd be more poor than I am now.

What I do hate, though is reading about big oil's massive profits. Especially when we're helping to finance these profits through all of the tax breaks and write-offs they're given to do such things as research and development. Why should we have to pay for their research when they're making billions per year in profit? That's insane. That's what pisses me off when I'm shelling out $40 to fill my tank.

I've heard some talk about a conspiracy theory involving big oil and alternative fuel production. Supposedly the big oil companies have shelled (no pun intended of course) out huge sums of money (lord knows they have it) to buy up all the patents existing for everything related to alternative fuel. I'm always interested in conspiracy theories, mostly for entertainment, but this one somehow sits differently. Would anyone doubt they would do this? I don't doubt it at all. Surely we have the brains and resources to make alternative fuel a reality. Come to think of it, how can anyone think we don't have it?

It's interesting, that's all I'm saying...

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