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Friday, April 14, 2006

tomkat = an alien???

Dear lord, what is this woman carrying? Maybe it's an alien. Not so far off, if you consider the father...maybe she was impregnated by the illustrious Xenu of Scientology fame. Now that'd be some interesting stuff, while also proving his existance. A win-win for Scientology, in my opinion.

Supposedly there's rumors she's having twins. Given the size of her stomach, that's also not so far off. She's not a big girl - the exact opposite, actually - so I can't imagine why else she'd be that huge. I've seen pregnant people, folks, and they're not usually this godawful big.

On a side note, I got to go and see David Sedaris read last night with Moo at Powell Symphony Hall. It was a blast. He read a couple of new stories, and we laughed the entire time. In fact, at one point, I was almost in tears. If you haven't read any of his stories, I highly recommend them. They're totally hilarious, while being completely wrong at the same time. Definitely my kind of humor.

The best story, I thought, was one all about cursing and sex, basically. I thought it was even funnier that there were a handful of children in the audience. Nothing better than a guy who curses left and right and talks about kinky sex with no regard to children. I loved it!

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