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Monday, May 01, 2006

meat free weekend

So far so good. I didn't eat any meat at all over the weekend. I even went to a bbq. I brought along some really good veggie sausages - italian flavored. Yummy.

I'm currently undertaking a new project - putting together two lists - one of restaurants in the area that use meat purchased from local farmers, and the other of meat markets/farmers markets/health stores that sell meat from local farmers. It's not easy. I thought there'd be tons of info on the internet regarding this type of thing, but no such luck. I know they're out there, it's just going to take time. Fortunately for me, that's something I have plenty of at work, so yay - something to fill the days!

Our last kickball games were on Sunday. I'm definitely disappointed. They almost got rained out. We played in a little bit of rain, but the hardest part of the day was the mud. I almost did the splitz running to second, because one foot stayed on the base and the other slid in the mud on the other side. Ouch. I also slid into base a couple of times - this is much easier to do when it's wet. Normally I wouldn't consider sliding. I needed to get a little bit (well, a lot) dirty - my new team shirt was definitely too clean. I do get to play on Saturday in the all-star game, and might (fingers crossed!) get to play in the tournament on Sunday. One of my best friends is having a baby shower that day, so I have to be there at least for a little bit of it. If my team makes it past the first two rounds (of course they will), then I can play after that. Last year we didn't do so good (I had to miss the damn thing last year too!). May is such a busy month.

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Stephen M Bourke said...

I always get my meat from local farmers. Mostly tube steak.