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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

on my last nerve

Whoop-de-do, the American Idols are coming to St. Louis on 8/13. It doesn't say how much tickets are, but I'm sure they'll be like $50. I think that's standard fare for the Savvis Center.

Holy crap, I can't imagine a more horrific event. First of all, I think it's ten of the losers from this season. Their last stab at fame and fortune, I guess. Why would you pay $50 when you just spent like six months watching them on TV every week only to lose?

Why is that show on for so long, anyway? It's torture, having to come to work every week and listen to nothing but Idol chat. 'Who do you want to win?' 'Oh, I don't know, I really like Bucky (what a ridiculous name), but Ace is great too (yet another ridiculous name). Paris really rocked that song, though (need I say it again?).' Mind you, I have not seen one episode of this crap, yet I know all of their names. That's how much of this stupidity I have to be subjected to each and every week.

I quit watching Fox 2 news in the morning partly because of their coverage of this train wreck. Really, does the news need to cover this? What about the crisis in Darfur? Why, when there are so many awful things happening in the world, are they reporting on American Idol? Not to blame Fox, by the way. None of the media outlets seem to care about Africa at all. The other stations don't rehash their own shows to death, though. It's painful.


Mustang Betsy said...

I don't have to hear it at work but I agree with you ... why does this show get so much coverage? I don't get it. Also, like the pun - idle/Idol chit chat. Very a propos!

Moo said...

As a journalism school graduate, I must defend the media. Remember, it is a business. And as a business, the media must give the public what it wants. Instead of castigating Fox 2 for covering "American Idol," you should be lamenting the fact that the average Joe cares more about a bunch of mediocre singers than about tragedies in the real world. And actually, Fox 2 is one of the best news stations in town. If they must provide America's lowest common denominator with a dose of American Idol news to boost their ratings, at least that allows them to offer real news some of the time. And really, is American Idol any worse than Survivor or other reality shows? We all have our guilty pleasures. I watch Idol, even though I know it is pathetic, but I have to say that Dancing With the Stars is better, and The Amazing Race is best.